Monday Madness: Court Baxter, Our Chief Wrangler


Courtney Baxter is The OpEd Project’s Chief Wrangler, or the person who does most of the work around the office, solves problems, creates solutions, and generally wrangles everything to work smoothly in pursuit of the organization’s mission.

A graduate of Denison University, Court came to us in the most serendipitous yet perfectly fitting way.  An avid reader of OEP leader and author Courtney Martin, Court reached out to her after college with a simple yet heartfelt email, not knowing if Martin would even respond.  An excerpt from the email, from her New York Times op-ed about the whole experience:

“I can only imagine how busy you are and so I know this may be a big request, but if you could spare some time for coffee and some advice, I can’t tell you what it would mean to me. Without sounding overly adoring, I just hope that in 10 years I’ll have accomplished anything close to what you have, and the work that I’ve seen you create and been able to make happen for yourself (and others) has given me a glimpse of hope that I will be O.K. and I can have the big dreams that I do.”

Martin ended up responding, meeting with her, and introducing her to OEP’s founder, Katie Orenstein.  One thing led to another and Court ended up going from a recent college graduate part-timer to a valuable, full-time team member.

Besides her work with OEP, Court founded and leads a social initiative called Queer in Public (QUIP), a network that publishes photos of queer couples in public online in an effort to familiarize the rest of the world with LGBTQ people.  Go Court!


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