Thursday Thank You: Founder Katie Orenstein


Katie Orenstein delighting over her birthday cake with OEP leaders Michele Weldon and Deborah Siegel

In the midst of running our public programs across the country, organizing spark talks, coordinating university fellowships, and myriad other things that meaningfully fill our days at The OpEd Project, it’s good to be reminded of the fact that all of this could not have been possible without the vision of one individual: our founder, Katie Orenstein.  This Thursday Thank You is devoted to Katie, who celebrated her birthday yesterday.

It’s only fitting that Ms. Orenstein spent her birthday in Chicago with Michele Weldon, Deborah Siegel, Teresa Puente, Zeba Khan, and Deborah Douglas to help launch the Youth Narrating Our World high school program in Chicago public schools.  As she celebrated another year in the world, she also empowered the next generation of thought leaders to think deeply about the power of their own voice.

Happy belated birthday and thank you, Katie!


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