Introducing Nina Flores, Our New California-based Junior Fellow!

Nina Flores

Nina Flores

Joining our core team on the West Coast is Nina Flores, our new California-based Junior Fellow!  She’ll be supporting Chelsea Carmona, Public Voices Fellowship Manager and Regional Manager.  Having taken our public seminar in April 2012, Nina’s taken an interest in doing more to stay involved with us.  She says that she wants “participants to leave each session with the same feeling I had–the feeling that I could change the world, or at least the conversations happening in my world, and that I was now part of a community of others who shared my passion and supported my efforts.”

Get to know Nina more with our Q&A:

How did you find out about The OpEd Project?  What inspired you to join us?
I saw a flyer about The OpEd Project in 2011, but paid closer attention when a friend on Facebook referenced The OpEd Project while sharing the opinion piece she published (thank you, Zahra Billoo!). I attended a core seminar last year and after a few successes of my own I wanted to get involved with the organization that was giving me a new voice.

What’s your background? Have you worked in media- and gender-related fields before?
Academically, my background is in political science, education, gender studies, and urban planning — my teaching, research, and writing benefits from the cross-pollination of these perspectives every day. I also have professional training in focus group research, messaging strategy, and crisis communication from spending many years in the legal and political consulting sector.

Who are your favorite female role models throughout history?
How much space do I have? For the sake of narrowing the list to contemporary women, I draw inspiration from the theories of bell hooks (have you seen my twitter handle? @bellhookedme), the legal mind of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the journalism of Sonali Kolhatkar and Christiane Amanpour, the actions of Vandana Shiva and Aung San Suu Kyi, the work of Jane Goodall and Jane Jacobs, and the musical influence of women like Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Patti Smith, Kim Gordon, Annie Lennox, and Bjork.

What are your long-term goals? 
Building a life full of great company, deep relationships, meaningful projects, and the freedom and ability to continue exploring the far corners of the world.

Anything else you’d share with The OpEd Project community?
I’m excited to join the team! To everyone in The OpEd Project community, let me know how you’re changing your world — I’d love to hear from you:


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