Donald Rapier, Student in our Youth Narrating the World (YNOW) Program, Publishes his first op-ed in the Chicago Sun-Times



Donald Rapier is a 16-year-old junior at Lindblom Math & Science Academy in Chicago and a participant in The OpEd Project’s Youth Narrating Our World mentorship program through The McCormick Foundation. He wrote this blog after his first oped was published in the Chicago Sun-Times:


I am quite thrilled with my first oped, “My unfair sense of academic superiority,” which was published in the Chicago Sun-Times. I am really happy that I was given a chance to write about an issue that I deeply and truly care about; and to have that piece of writing made available for hundreds of thousands of people. To read it really made me feel as though I had a voice that meant something.


Since my article was published, I have received tons feedback expressing how many people agreed with my claim that, “Why aren’t all CPS schools like Selective Enrollment schools?” I believe that my article was a conversation starter for an issue many people believed to be in fact true, but no one was really talking about the problem.


I hope that going forward people will also write about CPS’ unfair education techniques, and that hopefully something will be done about it. I love that people have read my article, shared it, tweeted it, commented on it; but I also hope that the message in it does not become lost, and I pray that the problem is not forgotten.




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