Public Voices Arise in Private Space

This is a guest blog post by Linda Zimmer, Mountain Retreat participant and OpEd Project Alum. 


Twelve women, three days, two cabins situated in a nature-abundant and blissfully wireless wasteland, one remarkable curriculum: that is the surface layer of the OpEd Project’s inaugural Mountain Retreat.

Once inside it was clear this is a challenging and powerful working time and place.  I can only describe it as an artfully crafted human centrifuge where large amounts of guided shared thinking magically spins out individual clarity of voice tightly bonded to an urgency for its value to the world.

The retreat was a personal opportunity to accomplish focused thought leadership work and receive serious feedback about it.  That was priceless to me.  But the weekend program of helping others to meaningfully articulate their ideas added immeasurably to my thinking about my own work.   The rich group and curriculum dynamic that emerged during this process is impossible to put words to, but among us we forged an absolutely invaluable chain of idea-connections and advocates – linking us and our very diverse areas of interest.

This was coveted private space away from the world to safely test the ideas that I believe must be more visible in the world. I walk out from it armed with a concrete process for delivering meaning around those ideas, a process I can apply any time, anywhere with confidence and clarity.

A lingering question will stay with me because of these twelve extraordinary women.  I hope this question serves to deeply challenge you too…

who can I support by accepting their visibility?”


Linda attended the Op Ed Project seminar in Los Angeles prior to the Mountain Retreat.  She is a digital strategist and founder of MarCom:Interactive, a digital marketing firm.  Linda is a networked-visibility expert who explores the tension between being present in modern digital media and controlling personal privacy.  She blogs at


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