Twenty New Public Voices Fellows in Texas!

We returned from Texas recently, where our team (Teresa Puente, Martha Southgate and Katie Orenstein) launched our Public Voices Fellowship at Texas Woman’s University, the largest state-supported university for women in the United States. Alumna Caro Crawford Brown (B.A. 1925) was the first woman to receive the Pulitzer Prize for local reporting. The new TWU Fellows include scholars and nonprofit leaders, a U.S. Air Force Major General (retired), an award-winning triathlete, experts in violence in Pakistan, Haitian history, online education, eating disorders, women WWII fighter pilots, non-parental care, student counseling, and more. They join Public Voices Fellows at peer institutions across the nation, including Yale, Dartmouth, Emory, Northwestern, DePaul and more.

TWU Professors Kate Landdeck and Barbara Presnall, the TWU Public Voices leadership committee

TWU Professors Kate Landdeck and Barbara Presnall, the TWU Public Voices leadership committee

TWU group photo

PUBLIC VOICES FELLOWSHIPS: The OpEd Project’s Public Voices Fellowship program is a radical experiment to increase the power and public impact of our knowledge, not merely via the media, but at the core of our thinking process: What do we know? Why does it matter? How can we have more impact? We will endeavor to test the best existing research on these questions, and learn from live experiments. We will tackle big philosophical questions: What is the social obligation that comes with knowledge? What are the potential risks and opportunities of a world where ideas can go viral in a way that was never before possible? And what if we could expand the timeframe of our legacy? And, we will focus on concrete results: in between our in-person convenings, we will connect virtually, engage in calls with high-level media insiders, and work together to produce results across public platforms – which may include op-eds, book reviews, blog posts, TED talks/animations, TV, radio and social media.


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