OpEd Project goes to Cambridge, England – March 15-16, 2014

The OpEd Project went to Cambridge University this month, to work with twenty global Gates Cambridge scholars with “a capacity for leadership and a commitment to improving the lives of others.”   In the room were experts on citizenship, DNA origami, memory formation and aging, the history and practice of satire, language and grammar in southern Italy, Maoist insurgencies, salamander brain regeneration, environmental design in tropical climates, the evolution of dinosaur anatomy, domestic violence in immigrant populations in Europe, and urban eviction and resettlement in Southeast Asia, among others.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships were established by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000 with a $210 million endowment, to create a network of future leaders from around the world who would bring new vision and commitment to improving the life circumstances of citizens in their respective countries. Over time, it is anticipated that Gates Cambridge Scholars will become leaders in helping to address global problems related to health, equity, technology, and learning – all areas in which the Foundation is deeply engaged.

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