Impact and Influence with Women Moving Millions

w&g potential PNGOnly 7.5% of philanthropic dollars go to women and girls. Women Moving Millions was founded to change that — or in their words, “to catalyze unprecedented resources” for the advancement of 51% of the population.

That’s why we love them, and why we were honored to work with them this week at the Women’s Funding Network in San Francisco.

The program brought together participants from the Global Fund for Women, Breakthrough Strategies, The Women’s Sports Foundation, Open A Door Foundation, and The Girls Rights Project. Experts in the room are working to change the conversation about local agriculture, death and dying, the mobile marketplace of Liberia, and (of course) philanthropy to women and girls.

OpEd Project founder & CEO Katie Orenstein and West Coast regional manager Chelsea Carmona led participants in a live experiment in credibility, and an exploration of how our ability to pigeonhole ourselves may be linked to our ability to speak to vast things with integrity.

photo 4


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