“The Publisher Came Looking for Me:” How One Alum is Setting the Agenda

Guest Post by OpEd Project Chicago Alum, Meta Brown.

Meta Brown headshot 2At the April 2013 OpEd Project workshop in Chicago, facilitators Michele Weldon and Katherine Lanpher did an amazing job of unearthing the accomplishments of the attendees. It was a real-eye opener as we went through the “I am an expert in” exercise, and the seemingly commonplace group of faces surrounding me revealed themselves as authorities in topics ranging from natural African-American hairstyles to the legal rights of immigrants in the United States. What an inspiring experience.

Since attending that workshop, I’ve published more than 20 new articles in industry publications, launched a blog on women in analytics that is drawing attention from journalists, and published 3 books. My new book, Data Mining for Dummies, will be out in September 2014. To many readers, the For Dummies book defines the subject, so I could not have hoped for a better opportunity to set the agenda in my profession. And here’s something I want you to know: the publisher came looking for me, based on the work I had already done. There’s living proof that sharing your knowledge and voice will lead to good things.


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