Yale Public Voices Fellows – Year Four

YMS2413_0727_M_Juthani-MehtaOn Friday we launched the fourth year of our Public Voices Fellowship at Yale, a university which holds a special place in our hearts and history. Thanks to the brilliant and visionary Yale professors Meg Urry and Laura Wexler, who took a leap of faith with us, Yale was the first university to pilot our Public Voices initiative 3 years ago. The Public Voices Fellowship is now a multi-year national initiative in partnership with top universities and institutions across the country, with some of the most brilliant thinkers on the planet.

Thanks to Yale and all who have made this possible.

We’re thrilled with our newest cohort of 20 fellows who have expertise in the abstract rules of grammar, social norms on college campuses, video games and social media, and more.

2014-15 Public Voices Fellow and Associate Professor at the Yale School of Medicine in the Section of Infectious Diseases Dr. Manisha Juthani-Mehta shares her thoughts on the first convening, and the spectrum of voice and influence:

“Academia is full of many expert and knowledgeable women, and yet, most of us choose to share our expertise with our colleagues alone. This fellowship program has made me realize that we can each choose to pigeonhole ourselves into our own spheres of influence. The alternative is to become champions for the broad range of topics we know best in the national dialogue.”



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