Write to Change the World, NYC – May 3, 2015

Today’s unnamedNew York City Write to Change the World seminar brought together experts from a wide range of fields and organizations. The group included faculty and staff from Princeton, University of Wisconsin Superior, and NYU, co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter and the co-chair of Out of the Binders. The OpEd Project was recently the Keynote speaker at Out of the Binder’s BinderCon, a symposium which aims to empower women and gender non‑conforming writers with tools, connections, and strategies to advance their careers.

The OpEd Project’s newest Mentor-Editor, Adaora Udoji, also joined today’s program. As new OpEd Project alums, all participants will have access to The OpEd Project’s national network of high-level mentor editors, which includes over 100 media thought leaders at the highest levels, across all platforms—from editors to bloggers, from Genius grant winners to weekly columnists  to war correspondents and Pulitzer Prize winners. Mentor-Editors are an excellent tool — they nearly double alums’ odds of success.



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