ChicBlog3A few weekends ago, in Chicago, The OpEd Project hosted a back-to-back lineup of our core “Write to Change the World” seminar, and our Level-II “Generating Good Ideas” seminar (for OpEd alums) which builds on core program themes.

Both days featured a diverse group of individuals including CEOs, journalists, OpEd Project alums from St. Norbert College, and a visual artist. A wide array of organizations were represented as well, from the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health, to the Evanston Community Foundation, to Nuru International, an organization that “ends extreme poverty in remote, rural areas by equipping local leaders with the tools and knowledge to build self-sustaining, self-scaling impact programs”.

In addition to ending the first day with a great happy hour at Fado Irish Pub, all participants left as OpEd Project Alums, which gives them access to our national network of over 100 high-level mentor editors and a near double success rate.

Here are a few words from participant Kim Do:

“I only have a few moments that I would define as “life changing” and attending “Write to Change the World” was one of those moments. When I first attended the seminar in Los Angeles in May 2011, the idea that I could be expert in something felt like a reach; but the seminar helped me discover my voice and draw out what I have to say. I became so interested in thought leadership that I actually refocused my career from marketing to communications and presently work as the Strategic Communications Director for Nuru International. Now, four years later, I just completed the seminar again as a refresher and added on “Generating Good Ideas.” The instructors exceeded my expectations! I’m grateful to The OpEd Project for inspiring and equipping me to voice my thoughts and ideas.”

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