Today’s New York City Write to Change the World seminar brought together experts from a wide range of fields and organizations. The group included faculty from NYU, CUNY and University of Texas – Houston, the Public Communications Manager at the New York Women’s Foundation, a PhD student in Criminal Justice, a disaster resilience expert, Managing Director of Nielsen Government and Public Sector, the Founder and President of the United Nations Youth Association of Mexico, an eighteenth and twentieth century French literature scholar, a 16-year-old high school student and more.

We were thrilled to be joined by Gillian Christie, a Health Innovation Analyst at Vitality Institute. The Vitality Institute is an action-oriented global research organization working to strengthen the evidence base about what works and what doesn’t work in health promotion and disease prevention. They are dedicated to building a healthier world by advancing knowledge and research about the evolving science and art of disease prevention. Like the OpEd Project, Vitality Institute is investing in public intelligence to create a better world. That’s why we’re thrilled that Gillian is one of many Vitality Institute team members who have come through Write to Change the World.

Do you want your voice to be heard? Come see us in action. We run Write to Change the World seminars in 10 major U.S. cities on a rotating basis. Visit our website to find other upcoming cities and dates.

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