Write to Change the World NYC – September 26, 2015

IMG_5871Today’s Write to Change the World seminar in New York City brought together experts from a wide range of fields and organizations. The group included faculty from NYU, St. Joseph’s College and Quinnipiac University, the Director of Communications and Marketing at Teach For America, a technology business expert from HBO, a special education teacher with the NYC Department of Education, an economist, a sustainability specialist from Etsy and more.

We were also joined by Jessamyn Rodriguez, Founder and CEO of Hot Bread Kitchen.  Hot Bread Kitchen increases economic security for foreign-born and low-income women and men by opening access to the billion dollar specialty food industry. They sell delicious multi-ethnic breads that are inspired by their bakers and the many countries that they come from.

FullSizeRender (6)Hot Bread Kitchen founder Jessamyn Rodriguez and OpEd Project founder Katie Orenstein are both 2008 Echoing Green Global Fellows. Echoing Green has invested over $40 million in seed-stage funding and strategic assistance in nearly 700 world-class leaders driving positive social change around the globe. We were thrilled to have Jessamyn in the room, and to share Write to Change the World with a fellow Echoing Green fellow.

Do you want your voice to be heard? Come see us in action. We run Write to Change the World seminars in 10 major U.S. cities on a rotating basis. Visit our website to find upcoming cities and dates.


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