The OpEd Project launches Write to Change the World in Denver — November 15 , 2015

Denver sits at 5,280 ft, exactly one mile, above sea level. (That’s why it’s called the Mile High City!) The air affects us differently, going on a run is a little bit harder, and one beer gets makes us more tipsy! The way the air alone can affect us makes me think of how our the world around us can change us in all kinds of unexpected ways. Spending a day in a room full of leaders and change-makers, working on a wide range of issues, from different backgrounds, talking about what we know and why it matters — can change the way we think, act, and even breathe.

Today’s program brought together a diverse room: scholars, elected officials, non-profit leaders, teachers, and small business owners from around the Denver community and beyond. These brilliant minds are shaping the conversation around a wide range of topics, such as working with survivors of domestic violence and trauma, watershed management, educational equity — and much more. We are looking forward to hearing their voices influence the public dialogue in Colorado and far beyond.

We were joined by Boulder City Councilwoman Mary Young. Mary spent many years as an engineer and since 2008 has transitioned full time to being an activist and non-profit leader in her community of Boulder. In 2012, she was chosen for a Rose Community Foundation fellowship to develop a transportation project that focuses on the well-being of Latino elders. We love to see the different ways that people, like Mary, are tirelessly working to change their communities — in Boulder, in Denver, in Colorado and other cities across the country and the world.


A special thanks to our partners at Green Spaces for hosting our launch in Denver today.

Do you want your voice to be heard? Come see us in action. We run Write to Change the World seminars in 15 major U.S. cities on a rotating basis. Visit our website to find upcoming cities and dates.




Until next time, Colorado. (By the way, next time happens to be February 6, 2016)


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