Dallas public voices bring racial and social justice to the forefront of conversation

For the past three months, we at The OpEd Project have been very lucky to be working on a venture with 20 amazing Dallas women, all civic leaders working for social and racial justice. Our team–Deborah Douglas, Chris Larson and Chelsea Carmona–has organized, edited, and supported these women in their efforts to bring racial and social justice to a fragmented but much loved city.  In three short months the #DallasPublicVoices have produced 25 published op-eds (so far). 

We share their op-eds below, to honor their voices which are desperately needed in the public conversation today.  Many thanks to the Boone Family Foundation for making this possible.




April 28, 2016, Fox News Latino
Rebecca Acuna, “Texas would be one of the biggest financial benefactors of DAPA”

April 28, 2016, The Huffington Post
Halima Francis, “More than a moral imperative: Giving to get power and influence a righteous act of self-help”

May 1, 2016, Jet Magazine
Bianca Anderson, “The Secret Life of Black Girls: What the death of Amy Joyner-Francis reveals about young Black girls”

May 2, 2016, Dallas Morning News
Janette Monear, “Dallas lacks enough trees to battle urban heat island effect”

May 3, 2016, Latina Lista
Martha Rodriguez, “States’ argument to deport the undocumented is a lesson in manipulating language for political gain”

May 3, 2016, Dallas Morning News
Janet Morrison-Lane, “How to navigate the DISD magnet application maze (it works best if you are middle class)”

May 5, 2016, Patheos.com
Erin Crosby, “Adult Clergy Abuse Is Overlooked and Misunderstood: Here’s Why”

May 11, 2016, RoleReboot
Teresa Wash, “Is your daughter playing only roles by men?”

May 12, 2016, Dallas Morning News
Michelle Kinder, “3 discipline approaches DISD should use instead of suspension”

May 12, 2016, PBS Next Avenue
Laura Wright, “A Prescription Drug Bottleneck Put My Husband’s Life in Danger”

May 17, 2016, The Hill
Stephanie Farquhar, “Instead of soft-pedaling public option with Medicare buy-in, Clinton should step on the gas”

May 18, 2016, CBS Local (TV)
Tori Mannes, “Impact of new overtime ruling on nonprofits and childcare”

May 20, 2016, Dallas Morning News
Pricilla Collins-Parhms, “One weird trick to retain school principals”

May 26, 2016, The Huffington Post
Janet Morrison-Lane, “Working-Class College Students Need Exposure To Ins And Outs Of Networking For Results”

May, 2016, Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development (Feature)
Pricilla Collins-Parhms, “One weird trick to retain school principals”

June 8, 2016, TribTalk
Tori Mannes, “A Two-Generation Approach to Poverty”

June 9, 2016, Dallas Morning News
Tori Mannes, “Why Texas must improve minimum standards for child care or risk another crisis”

June 9, 2016, NextCity
Lizzie MacWillie, “Putting Your Neighborhood on the Map”

June 13, 2016, The Huffington Post
Rahel Acuna, “We know what works to save juvenile offenders of color, so why don’t we do more of it?”

June 27, 2016, TIME Ideas
Michelle Kinder, “3 Lessons Your Kids are learning from the 2016 election”

July 5, 2016, The Huffington Post
Rahel Tekola, “6 Affirmations for Black Women In Leadership In The Workplace”

July 6, 2016, Take The Lead Women
Rahel Tekola, “6 Affirmations for Black Women In Leadership In The Workplace”

July 8, 2016, Dallas Morning News
Kamilah Collins (Year 1), “The foundation of freedom is virtue”

July 10, 2016, Darryl Dennard’s “Chicago Speaks” (Radio)
Angela Ards, “Problems of police, as well as interracial, violence in the wake of the Dallas shootings”

July 12, 2016, TIME Ideas
Michelle Kinder, “Talking to Your Kids About Dallas”

July 14, 2016, Dallas Morning News
Lizzie MacWillie, “Dallas, where’s the neighborhood pride?”

July 14, 2016, Reuters
Joli Robinson (Year 1), “After the shootings, a black Dallas PD member on how to move forward”

July 18, 2016, TIME Ideas
Angela Ards, “What the ‘First Black Woman’ Librarian of Congress Means”

Pending Publication, Truthout
Collective Effort re:  Dallas shooting


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