The Byline Blog:

  • Maintains a running tally of the ratio of women in key thought-leadership forums in print and online in a survey of outlets that include on a rotating basis The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Slate, The Huffington Post, and Salon, in addition to college publications at Princeton, Yale, and the University of Texas (“Byline Survey”)
  • Highlights the successes of OEP alums and associates                         (“Brag Sheet”)
  • Broadcasts RFOs– Requests For Opinions from women experts on key issues and events (“Have You Weighed In?”)
  • Features interviews, advice and wisdom from top media gatekeepers and mentor-editors (“Ask an Insider”)
  • Keeps tabs on the the numbers of women in thought leadership (“Women’s Leadership Statistics”)
  • Announces OEP and associate events and opportunities (“Events and Invitations”)

One comment

  1. I attended an Op-ed event at the CARE Citizen Lobbyist conference this past February. I was so pleased to learn about op-ed writing, thought leadership and engaging in the global conversation that I wrote my first op-ed based on what I learned. It was picked up by Mojolink as their lead for June 16th. It went out to over 10,000 viewers and then hit social media as well. I have another one to write for CNN.com – who knew? Thank you Op-ed for helping me find a voice and an opportunity to share globally. I heard from my own Linkedin group members where I also posted the link! Amazing way to engage!

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